Valverde: `I did not expect the bad start of Real Madrid!`

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The Barcelona`s coach Ernesto Valverde commented on the crisis in the camp of the eternal enemy Real Madrid and tomorrow`s visit of Girona.

`It is hard to talk about Real Madrid. I didn`t expect its bad start. But I am on the other side of the wall - you are either from Real or from Barca. A month ago we were in the same position as them and it was supposed that we are in a dire situation. But here, things may change every week.`, said Valverde.

`Fall is coming, then winter, spring ... We will also lose matches. Some will come out of the crisis, others will come in. Around the crisis, there is always an unnecessary noise, but at the moment I am only thinking of our team. As for the results, some teams make the rise and others decline, that is normal.`

`Girona didn`t deserve to lose against Sevilla in its previous home game and I see them as a team that plays well and is determined to stay in the top flight. Tomorrow`s game analyzed by contact verified football picks is very important. It`s a derby and there is an important emotional factor. We must not forget that against us, they will be more motivated than usual.`

`About the participation of Lionel Messi in the match... No one gets out of the team the player, who has scored four goals in the previous match. I also am not going to get him out of the team!`, Valverde finished.

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