Lavor`s circus troupe is already in Lithuania

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Leaded by his father Lavar Bol, Lange Angel and Lamelo Bol arrived in Lithuania where they had to debut in professional basketball with the unpretentious local club Vitautas. The arrival of the Americans has become a total chaos and, as always, Father Lavar has taken care to be in the center of attention when he landed in Vilnius.

Bol-Senior made a serious forecast when leaving Los Angeles, saying Lithuania would be a short stop, then the boys would play in the Lakers. Lavar stressed that his sons would dominate Europe, but for no more than a few years, and then play with their brother Lonzo at the Staples Center.

Lavar was at the frontline when the family circus came out of the airport, giving a dozen autographs, and then the three Bol`s family members headed to the 10-kilometer town of Prienai, where he would start the European head in the La Angelo and Lamelo basketball adventure.

They got to this move after their father stopped them from college and high school, respectively, to prepare them individually for the NBA, but then signed contracts with the penultimate in the league predicted by today soccer predictions of the Baltic Republic. It is likely that they will debut for Vitautas as early as January 6, when the club rival is Lietavos Ritas.

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