Kia Stinger is on the Australian Open

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Kia provided 120 specially-equipped cars to Tennis Australia after completing the epic lap of 1, 700 km. Former Wimbledon Champion and US Open -;Lloyd Hewitt runs Kia Stinger from Brisbane to Melbourne, where, together with the international ambassador of the brand - Rafael Nadal, officially handed the keys to Kia`s most powerful and most luxurious car. Rafael Nadal has won 16 Grand Slam titles and is currently number one in the world rank list. The official launch ceremony took place today near Melbourne Park where Tennis Australia received 60 Sorrento, 60 Carnival and Kia Stinger. The cars will transport athletes, official guests, organizing teams, tennis fans, media representatives and VIP guests within the competition, which will start on 15 January and will continue until 28 January 2018.

`The Australian Open is a wonderful sporting event that enjoys millions of fans around the world, ` said Damien Meredith, Chief Operating Officer of Kia Australia. `It is a pleasure for us as a General Sponsor to be the driving force of one of the most popular sports in the world, not only by providing stylish, comfortable and secure transport to the tournament participants, but also by engaging fans with attractive off- and onlineinitiatives that share our excitement and passion for tennis. `

` The first sign of the start of Tennis Australia is the presence of numerous Kia cars in Melbourne that provide comfortable transportation from Melbourne Park to the best tennis players in the world ``said Craig Tilly, Executive Director of Tennis Australia. `We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Kia and I will be delighted to welcome the Kia models courtesy of the tournament by new registration for predictions over the next few weeks. `

This is the 17th consecutive year for Kia as a partner of the Australian Open, and14th for the relationship of the brand with Rafael Nadal. It is planned that the cars will total about 300, 000 km in the race.

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