Napoli takes Croatian national without money

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The Serie A driver Napoli found a replacement for the injured Fawzi Gulam. The Algerian national is a serious problem for Neapolitans and the club decides to attract a player to his post. The choice fell on Croatia Croowie Milic. The 28-year-old left-back will not cost Napoli, because he`s a free agent.

Milic has already agreed with the San Paolo club mentioned by picksmachine and will sign a contract by the end of the season with an option to continue.

The 28-year-old Croat has experience in Italy, where he plays until the summer for Fiorentina. Violets sold him to Olympiacos for 1, 5 million, but in Greece he recorded only 4 games.

Milic`s most successful period so far is in Rostov, which won the Russia Cup in 2014.

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