Jose:This is the last season of Zlatan in Manchester United

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has announced that striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic will leave the club at the end of this season when his contract with the `red devils` expires. The Portuguese said this during his press conference before the visit of Crystal Palace on Monday of the 29th Premier League round. `We all think that this is Manchester United`s last season, but it depends on whether he will continue playing or will end his career, ` Mourinho told the Swedish Taran, less than a year has broken cross-links. `I think Zlatan has found the right path in life, he`s an amazing soccer player with an exceptional career, and only this horrible injury at the wrong moment prevented him from having two fantastic seasons with us, ` added Mourinho. `This season is very difficult for him, he is not injured, but is he happy and ready to help the team now? ` He is not, but he is so honest and has such a championship spirit that he wouldonly if he is ready for that, he works hard and I hope he will be able to get into a shape that will allow him to reach the level he wants to be, `said the United manager.

The Portuguese added that he still does not know if Marwan Feelyy will remain in the team after the season. The Belgian contract, like that of Ibrahimovic, expires at the end of the season. The situation with Feelyy is different, he is still young, and although he was operated, it was a very small operation so he could play in a few weeks If we continue in the Champions League and reach the Cup semifinalsof England, he will be able to help us in the most important games of the season but I still do not know whether he will stay in the team for the new season, and my wish and the club via archive of soccer tips is to stay, `Mourinho said.

The Portuguese once again said a few sentences for the young talent Scott McTomini, who had made himself in the last eleven weeks.

My advice to him is to continue to develop in the same way. He is very open to learning, developing, approached very intelligently and has to fight for game minutes. He passed several very important tests - psychologically, for maturity and for peace, but there is still a long way to go, is Jose`s opinion.

At the end of his press conference, Mourinho demanded more respect for his team this season, as Manchester United remains 16 points ahead of Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal. defined as very strong. The difference is very small. The teams between the second and the fifth place have scored six points. The fight is open to all, but four of them are still in the Champions League, so they have different goals in which to focus. I can say that all these teams are very good, but when they read the press, they are all better than us, but that`s not true. However, one of these teams will be out of the Champions League, these are the realities. From the financial point of view, as well as the goals, there is no big difference whether you will be second or fourth, but in?

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